Violinist Yoo Da

Violinist You Da-yoon has won the second prize at the 2023 Long-Thibaud International Competition, a …

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[Herald Interview] Cha Seung

The 2018 crime action film “Believer” gave Cha Seung-won a new image as the merciless villain Brian …

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Seoul shares open higher on US gains amid rate woes

Seoul shares opened higher Thursday, following gains on Wall Street, with investors remaining concer …

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[Photo News] Sisters acting on stage

The remake of stage musical "Sister Act" began its Seoul run on Tuesday at D-cube Link Arts Center, …

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HiteJinro soju seeks bigger footing in UK

South Korean liquor giant HiteJinro said Tuesday it is expanding its distribution network of soju pr …

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[Korean History] In 2008, Korea's National Treasure No. 1 went down in flames

South Korea stopped assigning numbers to its national treasures a few years ago, but for many, the e …

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